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Project : House Shift
Date : September 2011 to current
Location : 726 N Highland, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Description : Rotate House to site square with the lot. Process involved cutting in new plubming from the street to thehouse, building a new basement and foundation for the house, remodeling the main floor of hte house and new landscaping. This project sounds small, but was a long and productive process. The shell fo the house is the same, but nothing else is. The project will be finished ahead of schedule thanks to the warm winter we have had this year.
Project : SD Achieve Fence and Railing
Date :
Location : SD Achieve Building, Siouix Falls, SD 57104/span>
Description : This project consisted of removing and replacing the old wooden railing and fence that was existing. The old fence had been well used and well loved, but was no longer a safe place for employees and locals to wlak. The new project came in under budget and on time.
Project : Bank Fence
Date : August of 2011
Location : security State Bank, Montrose, SD Description : Security State Bank in Montrose has always had a little fences off area for it's employees, and this recent update to the area is spectacular. The fence is 7 feet high at it's peak and 6 feet high at it's valley. This fence has stood up to the beatings of a South Dakota autumn and winter with no signs of falling. The fence was erected within 48 hours and blends in well with the surrounding area, which includes a small city park adjacent to the fencing and the building it is attached to.